Using an external email service

TribeSpace configures mail services for your domain by default. You can have as many accounts as you like and space is limited only by your total account space. If you are instead using an external email provider (eg Gmail or Office365) then you should contact our Help Desk and have them disable the local support. If you don't do this, mail sent by other TribeSpace clients or by TribeSpace mail servers may not reach the correct destination.

You may also need to check the following -

  • If your website needs to send email (eg from a contact form, or membership signups) then we recommend you also configure your website settings to send email using your external email providers servers.
  • Check your domain records to ensure the SPF record is correct. SPF is used to help stop spammers sending emails and spoofing (faking) your email address. Many mail providers will block email from domains that don't have correct SPF records.
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