Why is my email being sent to Junk

Email providers attempt to analyze incoming emails to judge whether they're likely to be spam (or junk) mail or not. This includes analyzing the content of the email for common spam phrases or web addresses, as well as analyzing the records of the senders domain name and mail server. New domains in particular can take a while before the build up "reputation" with various junk mail filters. If you have a new domain and recipients don't seem to be getting your emails, this may be one of the reasons why. Ask your recipients to check their "junk mail" folder and move the message to their Inbox, either manually or through clicking on a "not junk" type of option. Over time this will build up your domains reputation score and make it less likely your emails will disappear and never be read!

Unless of course, you are sending spam, in which case you're violating TribeSpace's terms and conditions. Please stop!

Occasionally it can happen that misbehaviour by another client using our services can cause a "blacklisting" affecting all users of our services. If you think this has happened, please contact our helpdesk (helpdesk@tribespace.net) as soon as possible.

You can check the status of your domain using tools such as MXToolbox

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