Setting up mail on iPhone (iOS 11)

Step 1 - Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords

Open Settings on your iPhone and tap Accounts & Passwords.

Step 2 - Tap Add account

Tap Add account.

Step 3 - Tap Other

Select Other as account type.

Step 4 - Tap Add Mail Account

Tap Add Mail Account.

Step 5 - Enter your account details

Enter the account details for the email you want to add:

  • Name: this will be visible as the sender.
  • Email: the address you want to add.
  • Password: you use it to log in to Webmail.
  • Description: a name for the account on your device.

Tap Next to continue.

Step 6 - Select IMAP

Tap IMAP as the account type.

Step 7 - Enter your server settings

Enter the following settings:

Incoming server:

  • Host name:
  • User name: your email account
  • Password: the one you use for Webmail

Outgoing server:

  • Host name:
  • User name: your email account
  • Password: the one you use for Webmail

Tap Next to continue.

Step 8 - Save the account

Disable syncing of Notes, if this is enabled. Tap Save.

Step 9 - Tap the account you added

Tap the account you just added. You can recognize it by the description.

Step 10 - Tap your account again

Tap your account again to open settings.

Step 11 - Tap Advanced

Tap Advanced, at the bottom of your screen.

Step 12 - Check Mailbox behaviors

Check if the Mailbox behaviors are set correctly. These settings determine where your emails are saved.

You need to select the following folders on the server:

  • Drafts mailbox: Drafts
  • Sent mailbox: Sent
  • Deleted mailbox: Trash
  • Archive mailbox: Archive

If no folder, or a different one is selected, tap the mailbox and select the correct folder on the server. The name of the folder is in English.

Note: If the folder is not listed, log in to Webmail and place an email in the folder that is not available. Then try again.

Step 13 - Enter IMAP Path Prefix

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and enter INBOX as IMAP path prefix, all in capitals.

Step 14 - Done!

Your account is now set up correctly.

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